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## What is the Lightning Network and how can I use it?
The Lightning Network is a “layer two” payment protocol built on top of Bitcoin. Its goals are to enable faster and more scalable transactions. Transactions on the Lightning Network are said to be off-chain as they are not individually visible on the bitcoin chain. Instead, these transactions are made peer-to-peer between bi-directional payment channels that are user generated.
Your nodl is both a bitcoin full node – it runs bitcoind - and a lightning network node – it runs LND. As such, you can process transaction on chain (using the bitcoin layer) or off-chain, using the (lightning layer).
To interact with the lightning network you can:
* use whichever Lightning Wallet you wish with your nodl, as long as that Lightning Wallet lets you connect to your node. You will then use that specific wallet and its functionalities to create and maintain channels.
* use Ride the Lightning directly from your nodl user interface to interact with LND. Ride the Lightning (RTL) is a graphical user interface for lightning. RTL will enable you to create, manage and maintain all your payment channels.
## Can I Make Money Running a Lightning Node?
Earning fees on the lightning network requires you to route payments. This means that you want people on the network to go through your node to make those payments. It is therefore very important that your node be well connected to other well-connected nodes so that the odds that payments get routed through you are as high as possible.
The best way to get started with lightning is to pick a wallet that let’s you connect to your nodl or launch Ride the Lightning (RTL) from your nodl’s user interface and then dig into one of these apps to fund your wallet, find peers, open channels and learn how to manage them. It is through the management of those channels that you will be able to setup your fee policy for people who transact through you and maybe earn a few sats along the way.
Now a final word of advice. Lightning routing is still very new and requires a good understanding of both bitcoin and the lightning protocol. While you can earn a few sats for routing payments, you should not expect that to be a profitable let alone lucrative activity. However, there is much to learn and we encourage you strongly to interact with Lightning as is definitely has huge potential to be used as infrastructure for the future.
title: 'Using Ride The Lightning (RTL)'
# Ride the Lightning! with RTL
Ride the Lightning (RTL) is a powerful graphical user interface for Lightning created by [Shahana Farooqi]( and [Suheb](
You can heck out the Ride the Lightning Github page [here](
### Steps
In order to use RTL you need to login to your nodl and make sure both Bitcoin and LND are running.
You can then go to the Ride the Lightning Tile and click on "**Open RTL**". The RTL user interface will open in a new tab on your internet browser. To login to RTL, simply use the login that is hidden on your nodl user interface by clicking the “**Show password**” button under the Ride the Lightning Tile.
You should now see your RTL node dashboard.
In the top right corner, you will find a scroll down menu which gives access to the help section.
Just follow it step by step and you will learn how to:
1. Fund your node
2. Connect to peers
3. Open channels
4. Manage channels
5. Make Payments
6. Use Invoices to receive payments
7. Querying routes
8. And more…
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* Come chat with us on our [General Telegram]( channel
* You have technical questions? head to the [Telegram Support]( channel
* Interested in discussing the nodl cloud services? Join our [nodl cloud Telegram]( channel
# Our Twitter Accounts
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